What Are Common Symptoms of Having a Mass on Your Kidney?

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Having a mass or tumor on a kidney is often accompanied with other symptoms such as bloody urine, appetite loss, flank pain, weight loss and fatigue, states WebMD.com. It can also cause anemia and swelling in the limbs.

If the mass on the kidney is a malignant tumor and the cancer has spread to other organs, common symptoms include shortness of breath, bone pain and coughing blood, explains WebMD.com. Before a doctor can determine if a kidney mass is cancer, tests must be done to diagnose the disease such as blood and urine tests, a CT scan and MRI, and a renal arteriogram, If the mass is a tumor, the size determines the stage of kidney cancer. For instance, a mass smaller than 3 inches is stage 1 cancer and more treatable than a mass that has spread to the tissue around the kidney.

The mass can be removed depending on the size, states WebMD.com. A patient with a tumor that is smaller than 1 1/2 inches can undergo a partial nephrectomy in which just the mass and some of the surrounding tissue is removed. Larger masses require removal of the entire kidney or even the nearby adrenal gland and lymph nodes. In some cases, the tumor is treated with extreme cold or radio waves.