What Are Some Common Signs of Disrespect?

Common signs of disrespect include ignoring someone, disobedience, lingering eye contact, yawning, gossip and discrimination. Other signs are swearing, condescension and rolling of the eyes. These behaviors allude to the disrespect that underlies each action.

Disrespect in the work environment is manifested as gossiping about co-workers or discriminating against co-workers. The discrimination signifies that the person is lower in status than everyone else and does not deserve the same treatment. Gossiping about co-workers is rude, and typically rude behavior is seen as disrespect.

More daily signs of disrespect include ignoring someone or refusing to oblige to someone of higher authority. When in a meeting or congregation of people, it can be seen as disrespect to yawn while someone is talking, because yawning is a sign of boredom. Even looking someone in the eyes for too long can be seen as a challenging gesture, and it is very disrespectful.

Commonly, using profane language is disrespectful because it is rude. Another sign would be treating someone with condescension, or rolling of the eyes. Condescending behavior is mean and frowned upon in society. Rolling of the eyes alludes to annoyance or a lack of care, which is one of the definite signs of disrespect.