What Are Some Common Samsung Dryer Error Codes?

Common Samsung dryer error codes are bE or bE2; dF, dO or dE; tS, tO, tE or tE3; and hE or oD. Users may also get an Et or FE error code.

The bE or bE2 error codes indicates that a button may be stuck in the depressed position. To resolve the problem, the user should press all the buttons to free them.

The d error codes indicate a problem with the door. DE and dO indicate that the door is open, while dF indicates the door is not latching properly. To fix this error, the user should removing any clothing that interferes with the door’s ability to close properly. The hE code indicates a faulty heating temperature, while the oD code indicates invalid drying time. These errors require repair by a professional technician.

The t error codes indicate a lint clog. Removing link from the screen inside the dryer door and vacuuming to remove the accumulated link should resolve the code. The FE error code is a sign of a power-source problem, perhaps due to faulty wiring.

An Et error means there is a problem with the dryer’s electronic communication system. To fix the issue, the user should try restarting the dryer. If the problem persists, a service call is necessary.