What Are Some Common Ryobi Problems?

Common Ryobi problems include a trimmer that will not start, a trimmer head that does not spin and a trimmer line that will not feed. Users can usually diagnose and repair these problems quickly and easily.

Begin troubleshooting a trimmer that won’t start by checking the spark plug. Check for cracks or a burned electrode or an electrode with a heavy carbon buildup. Another cause for a trimmer that won’t start is a clogged carburetor. This happens when old fuel sits in the trimmer for too long. Resolve the problem by cleaning the carburetor with a carburetor cleaner.

Fix a trimmer head that will not spin by inspecting the trimmer head clutch assembly, which is located near the engine. If it is worn out, replace it. Another cause may be a broken drive shaft. Repairing a broken drive shaft is not possible. It will need to be replaced.

Sometimes the trimmer head causes a failure in the line feed. Repair the problem by removing the trimmer head and making sure there is no dirt or debris causing it to fail. If the head is worn out, replace it.

Other common problems with the Ryobi trimmer include an engine that stops after a few seconds and an engine that does not run properly.