What Are the Common Responsibilities of the Groom’s Parents When Planning a Wedding?

Maria Teijeiro/DigitalVision/Getty Images

Traditional responsibilities for the groom’s parents include hosting a dinner for the bride’s family and hosting the rehearsal dinner. They provide names for the groom’s side of the guest list. They may also share information with those guests about the wedding details and wedding registry.

The groom’s family traditionally contacts the bride’s family after the engagement announcement. They extend congratulations and introduce themselves if the families aren’t close. If the families live in close physical proximity, the groom’s family often extends an invitation for a dinner or gathering. This gives the families a chance to meet.

The rehearsal dinner is the other major contribution of the groom’s parents. They traditionally cover the cost of the dinner. They may also help plan the event, whether it is held at a restaurant or at an alternative venue.

Other wedding planning responsibilities of the groom’s parents vary depending on the couple and the dynamics of their relationship. If the engaged couple is close to the groom’s parents, they may play an active role in planning wedding details. This might include incorporating family or ethnic traditions into the wedding ceremony.

The groom’s parents also serve as a contact point for that side of the family. They often stay in communication with the engaged couple and share information to other family members or wedding guests.