What Are Some Common Remote Control Codes for Samsung TVs?

K?rlis Dambr?ns/CC-BY 2.0

Different makes of remote controls offer different remote control codes for Samsung TVs. Some of the most popular codes are 004, 009m 105 and 107. It is not necessary to operate a Samsung TV using the remote that comes with the TV.

Remote controls that are manufactured to work with Samsung TVs need to be programmed before use. To program the remote to work with the TV, turn the TV on and aim the remote at the TV. Press the device type which should be TV on the remote. Press the set button on the remote and type the appropriate code. If the TV turns off, the remote has been successfully programmed. If the TV does not turn off, try other suggested codes until the right one is found. For codes that are single digits, remember to add two zeros in front before inserting. For example, if there the code is 9, insert it as 009.

Remember to write down the correct code and keep in a safe place. Reprogram the remote if the battery fell off or in the event that the battery needs changing. If the remote is correctly programmed, it operates features like volume, start and stop on the TV.