What Are Some of the Most Common Reasons for a School to Close?

The most common reason for a school to close is poor weather conditions, but other common reasons include power outages, utility issues and emergency situations. Depending on the issue and the severity, the school may close for the day or delay the start of school.

The school’s superintendent is usually the person who makes the decision on canceling or delaying the school day, but the superintendent also consults other staff members about it. Schools monitor weather conditions and check forecasts to decide when to close. They may also contact local law enforcement about the conditions.

In severe weather conditions, schools close for safety reasons. This is usually due to cold weather, which causes snow or ice. Snow and ice make driving more dangerous, because roads are slicker and drivers have reduced visibility. The cold is also dangerous for students who have to wait outside at the bus stop.

Schools typically announce closures and delays on their websites, and through local radio and television stations. Schools delay their start times to allow weather conditions to improve and roads to clear up. In some cases, a delay turns into a closure for the day. When students are in school during cold weather, the school may require them to stay inside to keep warm.