What Are Some Common Questions and Answered on the OSHA 30 Test?

An example of a question from the OSHA 30 test is how often should vehicles being used on a work site be inspected. The answer is they should be inspected daily at the beginning of the shift.

The OSHA 30 test is an examination given at the conclusion of a OSHA 30-hour construction training course. The course is part of an OSHA outreach training program promoting occupational safety and health for workers covered by OSHA 29 CFR 1926. OSHA sometimes requires construction workers to receive additional training on hazards specific to their jobs.

The course includes topics such as hazardous materials, fire protection and process safety management. An example question for the last asks which protective measures should be taken to prevent workers from incurring run-over accidents. The answer is “all of the above,” which includes back-up alarms, spotters for equipment and high-visibility clothing.

Another question asks what a job hazard analysis is. The answer is that it’s a technique that focuses on job tasks as a manner for identifying and correcting hazards. Some questions are gap-fill exercises. For instance, test takers have to complete a sentence stating that at least a 10-foot minimum distance is required as clearance from overhead power lines.

Course participants receive credit for completing the classes and passing the OSHA 30 test.