What Are Some Common Qualities of Good Leaders?

Common qualities of good leaders include honesty, good communication skills, confidence, decisiveness and the ability to delegate. Good leaders must possess the ability to inspire or motivate, show empathy, display accountability, have a sense of humor, and have an adaptable personality. Additionally, good leaders have a positive, optimistic attitude.

Good leaders are good communicators. Communication plays a key role in leadership and is required to delegate responsibility or establish expectations. Good leaders must ask questions and understand the needs of others in order to lead in the right direction.

Another common quality of good leaders is the ability to delegate responsibility. Good leaders understand they are unable to complete every task personally. Delegating responsibility shows others the leaders has confidence in their abilities and talents. This fosters an efficient and cohesive workplace.

Decisiveness is an important quality of good leaders. This quality helps leaders make difficult decisions quickly. Good leaders must make timely decisions in the best interest of the business or organization.

Good leaders are accountable and accept responsibility for the failures of the business or organization. Accountability is important for improving the effectiveness of company procedures or practices. When problems arise, a good leader must identify the issues and seek solutions.