What Are Some Common Problems With the Volvo XC60?

The most commonly reported problems with the Volvo XC60 are equipment problems, ranging from problems with the vehicle’s air-conditioning system to problems with the airbags and restraint system. Owners also complain about the vehicle’s electrical system, engine and engine cooling system, vehicle speed control, steering and brakes.

Some Volvo XC60 owners report problems with the vehicle’s engine cooling fan due to a software malfunction on the fan control module. This malfunction may reduce the air conditioner’s performance, increasing the temperature of the coolant and sometimes causing engine failure.

The fuel pump on the Volvo XC60 often causes problems when its electronic module fails to function properly, causing engine stalling. In addition, the front bumper energy absorber on the XC60 may cover the aperture through the vehicle’s towing eye, making it impossible to fit the eye after removal of the cover.

Seatbelts are sometimes the source of reported problems with the XC60. Some owners report that during side impacts, the driver’s seat side panel contacts the release button on the seat belt. This can cause the belt to detach, causing improper restraining of the driver during accidents. Airbag problems are also common, due to a connector’s electric short circuit, causing the airbag service message to illuminate and preventing the driver’s side air bag from normal deployment during collisions.

Improper assembly of the steering gear and power steering line causes problems with the XC60’s power steering. The result is leakage of the vehicle’s power steering fluid and abrupt loss of powered assistance in steering. In addition, the fluid may leak into the engine, resulting in fire.