What Are Some Common Problems With the Volvo C70?

Common problems with the Volvo C70 include issues with the micro switches on the convertible tops, hard shifting due to the transmission and the failure of the door window regulator. Owners also report that the anti-lock brake system light illuminates due to the failure of the anti-lock brake system control module.

Volvo C70 owners report that the convertible tops may not operate correctly due to the micro switches not working correctly. This issue usually doesn’t occur until the vehicle has more than 90,000 miles. There are also many complaints about the Volvo C70’s transmission and shifting. Owners report that there are long shift times between the gear shifts and hard downshifting and shifting, and some also report a total loss of transmission operation. If the issue is minor, a software update may fix it, and regular transmission services may help to prevent a complete transmission failure.

Some Volvo owners report that the door window regulator may also fail. These cars have a complex mechanism in the door window that is difficult to properly fix following the installation of a replacement window regulator. If this occurs, an owner may notice wind noise, air leaks and doors that do not open or close normally.

There are also issues with the anti-lock brake system control unit. When these issues occur, the anti-lock brake system light illuminates, and owners may see a code that there is an issue with the anti-lock brake system pump motor or another system.