What Are Some Common Problems With Volkswagen Eos Cars?

The most common complaints among Volkswagen Eos owners involve problems with the convertible roof malfunctioning, as reported by car repair statistics website CarComplaints. Problems with the vehicle’s transmission system are also commonly reported.

The Volkswagen Eos convertible features a powered convertible roof that retracts automatically. Owners report multiple issues with the convertible roof, with the inability to retract the roof at all being most common. Many owners also report that the roof of the Eos leaks in the rain, and some owners have had the retractable top become stuck halfway through the retraction procedure. Problems with the complex retraction system can be expensive to fix, with the average cost of repair estimated at approximately $3,100 as of May 2015. Eos convertibles from the 2007 and 2008 model years are most commonly affected by this issue.

Owners have also reported problems with Volkswagen Eos convertibles equipped with manual transmissions. Transmission problems common to the Eos include the inability to shift into certain gears and premature failure of the car’s clutch. Some Eos convertibles have also experienced engine coil failures and other engine problems. However, transmission and engine issues are relatively rare complaints in comparison to problems with the retractable roof system.