What Are Some Common Problems With Using a Garmin GPS?

Common problems with using a Garmin GPS include failure to turn on, failure to detect signal, sudden shut off during use, unresponsive touchscreen and GPS locking up. Other problems include lost satellite reception, uploading and downloading problems and sound failure.

A depleted battery, a fault in the press and hold power button, poor display and a worn out logic board can cause failure of the Garmin GPS V and nuvi 1390 to turn on. Lack of a line of sight or software and an error in setting the satellite data can cause the Garmin Sat Nav to not detect a satellite signal when power is on. A loose or vibrating battery can cause the Garmin V to keep shutting down during use.

An out of date firmware, a dead battery, or a frozen screen can cause failure of the touch screen to respond in a nuvi 200. A Garmin GPS might be locked to prevent unauthorized users from accessing another person’s personal information. A defective speaker in nuvi 760 can cause lack of sound in the device.

A Garmin nuvi 660 GPS receiver may fail to receive satellite data if it is being used for the first time or when there is a lack of full view of the sky while placed in a car. Loading a brand new map or region, or if the device has not been in use for a month or so may result in similar problems. Wrong GPS and OziExplorer settings in Garmin GPS V can cause downloading and uploading problems when using a Garmin GPS.