What Are Some Common Problems With Used UD Trucks for Sale?


Common issues with used UD trucks include wheel-end problems, coolant leaks and blockages and fan transmission issues. The automatic systems included in these models do give advance warning of most issues, but they may over-report some responses.

Because there are no automated systems to help diagnose wheel-end problems, buyers should perform a careful visual inspection before buying a used UD truck. Bearing damage shows in a variety of ways, including visual cracking, abnormal tire wear, rust or cracking, and damage or heat staining to seals. The only solution to such damage is for the bearing to be completely replaced, and it’s good for buyers to get the seller to do this before the transaction takes place or to take it into account with a reduced price.

The automated systems gives warning of any overheating, but diagnosing the issue may be trickier. Common causes include small leaks to the coolant system, which are often made evident by patches of moisture below the engine; sludge and debris impeding the coolant system, which can be remedied by flushing the system; or transmission issues with the coolant fan, which can be visually checked for. If the fan is not receiving power, it does not run.