What Are Some Common Problems With the Subaru Outback?

David Villarreal Fernández/CC-BY-SA 2.0

Some common problems with the Subaru Outback include failure of clutch at low mileage, failure of the head gasket, oil leakage and a shutter on acceleration. Other problems include engine failure, faulty engine light, transmission failure and excessive oil consumption.

A noisy bearing, incorrect gear selection and mis-shifting a gear when driving at high speed can cause the clutch to wear out. A defect in the cooling system and an installation error may result in the failure of head gaskets. A defective valve gasket or a worn out oil filter may cause engine oil leakage from the oil pump seal. A faulty transmission torque converter can cause a shutter or vibration when the car is accelerating.

A fault in the start circuit, a worn out ignition switch, or lack of engine lubrication can cause the engine to stall. Additionally, excess oil consumption can cause the Subaru Outback engine to fail. A defective oxygen sensor, a loose or faulty gas cap, a defective catalytic converter, or a jacked up mass air flow sensor can cause the engine light to fail.

Excessive oil consumption is often associated with a defective valve guide seal, a faulty oil level sensor or leakage in the engine. Fluid leakage and failure to change oil and fluid regularly can cause automatic transmission problems.