What Are Some Common Problems With Power Recliners?

Some of the common problems with power recliners are delivery strapping, power problems, damaged transformers, pinched wire, tension issues and power surges. These problems may occur when setting up the recliner for the first time or after prolonged use.

Factories install straps at the bottom of the recliner to prevent it from opening up or shifting during delivery. One has to remove the straps by cutting them with a household scissors in order for the recliner to work.

Problems with power, such as poor power connections, may make power recliners fail. You should ensure that the power outlet is operational and the wall switch that controls it is on. Further, electric recliners have a step-down transformer that sits on the ground. If the transformer has a red light instead of a green light, the transformer may be bad.

Some electric recliners have their wires installed in areas where they easily get pinched, crimped or severed. A cut wire causes the chair to lose power. Also, power surges can limit switches or burn out the transformer.

Over time, recliners loose tension, making them fail to work. Some have an adjustment for increasing or decreasing tension as necessary. You should follow the owner’s manual to adjust the tension, if needed.