What Are Common Problems With Manitowoc Ice Machines?

The common problems with Manitowoc Ice machines are failing to make ice and failing to work altogether. The Manitowoc control board sometimes develops problems that affect the working of the machine.

Usually, a Manitowoc ice machine fails to work when it’s not receiving power. This happens if it is not plugged into a power supply, or if there is a tripped breaker or a blown fuse. It also fails to work if its water supply blocks, or the electric solenoid controlling the water supply is not working.

The ice-making capacity of the ice machines gets below optimum when the clearance for the machine is not right. Manitowoc ice machines require at least 8 inches of clearance to give the machine enough room to take in air to cool the condenser.

A Manitowoc’s ice machine failing to make ice happens when its setting for producing ice is on idle. This also happens if the water coming in is too hot, or the water level probe on the Manitowoc control board is dirty, resulting in a wrong reading that causes the water inlet valve to close.