What Are Common Problems With LG Refrigerators?

Common problems with LG refrigerators include a failure to get cold, defects with the ice maker, a water dispenser not working, a failure to defrost and becoming too noisy, as of 2015. Other common problems are leaking water, an overflowing ice maker and the refrigerator light not working.

When the condenser coil is dirty, the LG refrigerator fails to get cold. As the coil becomes dirty, the appliance cannot cool down to the proper temperature. When the temperature is above 10 degrees Fahrenheit, the LG refrigerator’s ice maker develops problems. The refrigerator can also develop problems within the water dispenser. This causes the water supply tube inside the door to freeze. When the defrost heater assembly is faulty, the LG refrigerator experiences defrosting problems. Frost builds up on the coil, which prevents air from circulating through the coils.

When the fan blade is rubbing against anything inside the compartment, the refrigerator becomes noisy. This happens when the refrigerator door is open. The refrigerator can develop problems in the defrost drain, which produces leaking water. This is caused by a clogged defrost drain that makes water to flow to the lower end of the compartment. When the water pressure in the water inlet valve is low, the ice maker overflows. When the light bulb is old or faulty, the LG refrigerator light develops problems.