What Are the Most Common Problems With an LG Fridge?

Common problems with LG fridges include the inability to get cold enough, defects in the water dispenser, ice maker not working and a faulty ice dispenser. Other problems include failure to defrost, the fridge being too noisy and water leakages.

An LG fridge fails to get cold enough if the condenser coil is dirty. The condenser stays clean to allow the dissipation of heat from the fridge. When the coil becomes dirty, the fridge fails to rise to the proper temperature for cooling down. A frozen water supply tube is the cause of a faulty water dispenser. Low water pressure inside the house may also cause this problem.

The ice maker develops problems if the freezer temperature rises above 10 degrees Fahrenheit. This builds too much frost, preventing the circulation of air inside the evaporator coil. The ice dispenser fails to work when the dispenser door solenoid is defective. This prevents the door from opening and closing freely. If the defrost heater is burnt out, the LG fridge fails to defrost properly.

A faulty defrost heater causes frost to build up around the coils. This blocks the air flow through the coils for cooling purposes. When the fan blade is blocked by the compartments and back panels, the LG fridge becomes noisy. Water leakages are caused by clogged defrost drain. This causes the defrost water to overflow and drip to the bottom compartment.