What Are the Common Problems With the Jeep Patriot?

Tony Hisgett/CC-BY 2.0

Some of the most commonly reported problems with a Jeep Patriot include water leaks from the front or rear roof, and the engine does not start due to a wireless control module fault. People also commonly report difficulty shifting the manual transmission of the Jeep Patriot.

One of the most common issues with a Jeep Patriot is water leaking from the roof. When this occurs, a technician should inspect the sunroof and roof ditch of the sports utility vehicle. Special attention should be placed on all plugs and grommets, and the roof seams should be resealed. The sunroof drain tubes should be replaced if necessary.

If the engine doesn’t start, it is often due to an electronic lockup of the wireless control module. When this module fails, the remote keyless entry system also fails. In order to correct the issue, the entire wireless control module must be replaced.

If a Jeep Patriot has a manual transmission, it often becomes difficult to shift over time. The repair for this issue usually involves replacing the third, fourth, fifth and reverse gear synchronizer rings.

Regular maintenance is also something a Jeep Patriot owner needs to do including oil changes, brakes and replacing fluids. Oil and fluid changes are typically affordable, but replacing brake pads or rotors can be more than $500, as of 2015.