What Are Common Problems With Husqvarna Mowers?

Problems reported by users of Husqvarna mowers on Amazon.com include poor construction, bad design and frequent engine failure. Customers also reported having difficulty getting the lawn mowers repaired, even when still under warranty.

Among design problems of Husqvarna mowers reported by customers are wheels that do not attach to the machine properly, low-quality bag-attachment latches that do not connect the grass bag to the mower securely, and gas caps that routinely fall off the machine while in operation. Many users reported the engines of these mowers die after only a few uses, and in some cases the mowers don’t start immediately after purchase. Wheel construction is a frequent complaint in reviews, with many customers noting that the wheels are impossible to align properly, making it difficult to operate the mowers especially on uneven areas of their yards.

One of the most common complaints regarding defective Husqvarna mowers is the inability to have the machine properly serviced, despite the warranty being valid. Problems include being charged for repairs that should be included cost-free in the warranty and being told that Husqvarna would not repair the mower under warranty, citing improper use as the reason, despite the customer following the user manual properly.