What Are Some Common Problems With a Huebsch Washing Machine?

Common problems with a Huebsch washing machine include the machine refusing to start and failing to agitate clothing. Also, the drum may fail to spin after the machine is turned on, and water may not fill up the machine or drain properly.

Troubleshooting problems for a Huebsch washing machine is one way to resolve issues, such as the machine pausing in the middle of a wash cycle. Pausing or stopping mid-cycle is usually due to an unbalanced load, and it typically results in the clothing remaining wetter than normal after going through the wash and rinse cycles. Water leaking from the washer is another common problem of a Huebsch washing machine, and troubleshooting includes checking gaskets, hoses and valves for holes.

A Huebsch washing machine may also fail to heat water to the right temperature. Troubleshooting this issue requires a check of all of the control settings. Temperature issues can also result from mixing up hot and cold water faucet hoses, so the exterior connections to the washer should be checked. Some Huebsch machines also make an excessive amount of noise. Fixing a noisy washer involves opening the lid, redistributing the load and checking to make sure the position of the machine is level and balanced on the floor.