What Are Common Problems With a Ford Fusion?

Autoviva/CC-BY 2.0

Common problems with the Ford Fusion include brake failure, a delayed shift of automatic transmission, squeaks when going over bumps, oil leakage and failure of the key. Other problems include failure of the engine light, transmission failure and CD player issues.

A worn-out brake pad or the presence of oil or grease in the brakes may cause them to produce a grinding noise. A faulty power train control module and a defective transmission control module may cause delayed shifting of the automatic transmission. A defective brake pad and rotor or a worn-out belt may cause a loud squeaking and creaking sound when driving over bumps or when turning the car. A worn-out axle shaft seal or a defective radiator may cause transmission oil leaks out of the left side shaft area.

A faulty shifter knob sticking or the binding of the shifter bezel may cause the key to get stuck in the ignition. A defective clutch or a faulty engine light can cause car transmission failure. Additionally, oil leakage or low fluid in the car may cause transmission problems. Failure of the engine light may result from a defective oxygen sensor or a loose gas cap. The CD player may not operate properly if the battery is faulty. A faulty power transmission unit may cause a burning smell and oil leakage in the car.