What Are Common Problems With a Fisher & Paykel Dryer?

Common problems with a Fisher & Paykel dryer include failure of the dryer to start, failure to heat and spin, shutting off unexpectedly and failure to turn on at all. Other common problems include failure to dry evenly, distressed garments, lint on dried laundry and buzzing sounds.

A Fisher & Paykel dryer may fail to start due to a faulty start switch or when the thermo fuse has blown. The dryer may fail to heat because of a clogged vent hose or by a worn-out thermostat. The dryer may fail to spin when the rotor assembly at the back of the tub is damaged. Fisher & Paykel dryers may shut off unexpectedly if there is no power or when the dryer is plugged into unreliable power sources. The dryer completely fails to turn on when there is no power in the electric cables or when the door switch is defective.

A Fisher & Paykel dryer can leave part of a laundry load wet if the dryer is filled with too much laundry. Selecting the wrong drying cycle causes wrinkled clothing and distressed garments. When the lint trap has not been emptied for long, it causes excessive amounts of lint on dried laundry. The dryer becomes loud when the drive belt is frayed or damaged, and if the drive belt is not properly fixed on the motor pulley.