What Are Some Common Problems With Dishwasher Control Panels?

The most common problems associated with dishwasher control panels occur when the buttons stop working. The underlying causes range from the touchpad itself, the entire control panel assembly, and possibly even the main control board.

The way in which the buttons on the dishwasher respond to the user’s commands indicates the likely problem affecting the control panel. If the display on the dishwasher is working normally, and a few or some of the buttons provide the appropriate response but others do not, the likely culprit is the touchpad. It provides the right sensitivity for some of the panel, but in other areas it is apparently malfunctioning. The best course at this point is to try installing a new touchpad.

If none of the buttons respond properly to the user’s command, even though the display works, or buttons produce the wrong function, or if the majority or all of the buttons do not work, the user may need to replace the whole touchpad and control panel as well.

After replacing the touchpad and control panel, if the dishwasher still does not work, the user should next move to the main control board. To preserve the dishwasher’s warranty at this point, the best idea may be to contact a certified repair professional. The user should consult his owner’s manual to see what the requirements are to satisfy the warranty.