What Are Some Common Problems With the Chevy Cruze?

Some common problems with the Chevrolet Cruze include the transmission not shifting, the scent of anti-freeze in the car and premature clutch failure. The Chevrolet Cruze model year with the most complaints is the 2011 model.

If the issue is with a Chevrolet Cruze transmission not shifting, an individual could be looking at a very costly repair. The average cost for transmission work ranges from $1,800 to $3,500, as of 2015. Basic repairs for a transmission are also expensive, usually well over $1,000. Buying a used transmission is one option for Cruze owners, but even a used part can be as much as $1,500.

If there is the smell of antifreeze, also called coolant, in the vehicle, the car must go through a diagnosis procedure. This usually costs between $80 and $115, and once the mechanic knows the issue, the cost of the repair is in addition to the diagnosis.

In the case of a clutch failure in a Chevrolet Cruze, an owner is facing repairs that cost, on average, about $700 to $900. The parts for this repair are usually less than $225, so much of the cost is due to labor. In some cases, a mechanic may also have to resurface the flywheel when repairing the clutch, which is an additional cost.