What Are Some Common Problems With a Chevrolet Impala Transmission?

As of 2014, some common problems with the Chevrolet Impala transmission include rough shifts and transmission failure with the 2005 model, and roll away risks due to an issue with the transmission shift cable adjuster unlocking from the transmission shift lever with the 2014 model. The exact problems with a Chevrolet Impala transmission depend on the individual car and the model year.

CarComplaints.com lists more than 50 complaints related to the 2005 Chevrolet Impala’s transmission on its website on models with nearly 90,000 miles, while transmission failure consists of 15 complaints with an average of more than 87,000. General Motors, or GM, recalled the 2014 Chevrolet Impala after the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration discovered that the automatic transmission versions of the car ran the risk of rolling away while the passengers and driver try to exit the vehicle after failing a safety test. When the transmission shift cable adjuster disengages from the transmission shift lever, the gear may not shift.

If the driver believes that he put the vehicle in the Park position but the gear never actually changes, then the actual gear that the car is in is misrepresented. If the car occupants and the driver attempt to leave the car when it is in the wrong position, the car may roll away and cause harm to the passengers and anyone near the vehicle. Although there were no reported crashes or injuries related to the safety issue, GM decided to replace the transmission shift cable adjusters of these cars through its dealers.