What Are Some Common Problems With the Cadillac XTS?

The most common complaint about the Cadillac XTS as of June 2015 is that the vehicle causes the nozzles of gas pumps to shut off prematurely during fueling, according to car repair statistics site CarComplaints.com. Cadillac has issued recalls for the parking brake and airbag control systems in some models.

The Cadillac XTS has relatively few complaints or service issues reported by owners as of June 2015. The most commonly reported issue regards difficulty fueling the vehicle due to the design of the fueling port. Some types of gas pump nozzle do not seat properly, resulting in the stream of fuel being repeatedly interrupted unless the nozzle is held in place. Some owners also report problems with hard shifting during driving, but these reports are relatively rare.

Cadillac issued recalls for the parking brake for some Cadillac XTS models released in the 2013 to 2015 model years and for the airbag module in some 2013 and 2014 model year vehicles. The parking brake recall dealt with the failure of the parking brake pad to fully disengage from the wheels in some cases. Vehicles with an affected airbag control module left the factory with the airbag controls set in manufacturing mode, preventing the airbags from deploying in the case of a crash.