What Are Common Problems With the Buick LaCrosse?

Common problems with the Buick Lacrosse include issues with the steering system, interior accessories problems, engine and transmission malfunction and problems with the hubs or wheels. Less common problems occur with the Lacrosse’s heater or AC system, exhaust system and electrical system.

The 2011 model of the Buick Lacrosse has the most reported problems. The most common issue with the steering mechanism of this model is that it regularly drifts to the left. Another steering issue is that the tilt feature on the steering wheel can break. The dashboard lights may flicker in this model, and warning signs may randomly flash on or off. The check engine light may light up, even if the car has recently been worked on. The Buick Lacrosse also has reported cases of transmission failure at low mileage.

The hubs or wheels are not often reported as problem areas, but the Buick Lacrosse is prone to excessive vibration when driving at higher speeds. The air conditioning fan may break in this model, and the trunk latch may lock and fail to open. Recalls of Buick Lacrosse models cite issues with the key fob, which fails to alert the driver that doors are open while the car is moving and allows power windows to operate without a key in the ignition. Other recalls cite detachment of the Lacrosse’s disk brake pad from the braking mechanism and disengagement of the shift cable from the transmission shift lever.