What Are Common Problems With Bella Coffee Makers?

Common problems with Bella coffee makers include failure to heat, a faulty power cord, clogged tubes, failure to brew and a faulty indicator light. Other problems include failure of the coil to heat up, clogged valves and problematic clock settings.

Bella coffee makers may fail to heat when one of the heat sensitive switches is faulty. The on/off switch connects the coffee maker to the power supply, and if faulty could lead to the failure of the coffee maker to heat up. The coffee maker tubes block when the aluminum heating tube is clogged with calcium.

The optimal temperature for brewing a cup of coffee is 200 degrees Fahrenheit, and the coffee maker may stop brewing if the temperature rises beyond that. The blue LED indicator light may go off when there is a power failure, the power cables are worn out or they are loosely fixed.

The Bella coffee maker’s coils may fail to heat up if the power cord is faulty or is disconnected from the electricity source. Debris build-up can block the inlet and outlet valves, making it difficult to either open or close the valves. Problems in the programmable clock settings may sometimes make it difficult to set the time needed to brew a cup of coffee.