What Are Common Problems With the Amana Top-Load Washer?

Common problems with Amana top-load washers include failure to start, failure to spin, overflowing, filling slowly and loud noise. Other problems include failure of the door or lid to lock, failure to drain, vibration, stopping at mid cycle and water leakage.

There are a variety of Amana top-load washers, and some problems are unique to specific models. For example, the Amana top-load washer model ALW780QAW may fail to spin when the drive belt is broken or is loosely fixed on the pulleys. Amana top-load washers may fail to start if the user control and display boards are defective or if the timer is faulty.

The washer may start to overflow if the pressure switch attached to the outer wash tub is worn out or the water inlet valve is faulty. The washer’s water reservoir may fill slowly if the household’s water pressure is low. An increase in the noise produced may be as a result of a worn out rear drum.

Amana top-load washers may fail to drain when the water pump belt is worn out. If the door lock motor and switch assembly is defective, the door or lid may fail to lock properly. The washer produces vibrations if shock absorbers are worn out or if one or more suspension rods are broken. When the washer stops at mid cycle, the lid switch assembly might be faulty. If the drain pump has a hole or crack, or the washer’s hose is clogged, users may start to experience water leakage.