What Are Some Common Problems With the 2008 Saturn Vue?

Greg Gjerdingen/CC-BY 2.0

The most common problems reported by owners of the 2008 Saturn Vue SUV are related to the vehicle’s transmission, including transmission failure and not shifting properly. Other common complaints include failures of interior control switches and intermittent failure of the vehicle’s power steering.

The most common complaint about the 2008 Vue is that the transmission fails to shift properly during normal driving, with some owners reporting that the vehicle becomes stuck in first gear frequently or they cannot shift it into reverse. Problems with shifting and transmission failures are both thought to be related to a manufacturing defect in the automatic transmissions of affected Vues. General Motors issued a recall for the transmission, though this recall was issued due to the possibility that the parking brake in affected vehicles could not be properly secured, leading to the risk of the vehicle rolling away if it was parked on a sloped surface.

Intermittent power steering failures are also commonly reported on the 2008 Vue, with most owners reporting that these failures resolve themselves after the vehicle is restarted. However, the loss of power steering during normal driving increases the difficulty of controlling the car and the risk of accidents. GM also issued a recall for the power steering hoses, piping and connectors due to a potential fire hazard from leaking fluids.