What Are Some Common Masonic Hand Signs?

Some common Masonic hand signs are the sign of the pyramid, the Masonic handshake, the devil’s horn and the hidden hand. These common Masonic hand signs show fellow Freemasons that a person is a member of the organization, and are signals whose true meaning is only known to other Freemasons.

The sign of the pyramid is a common Masonic hand sign that involves clasping the hands in front of the chest. The triangle is an important symbol to Freemasons. The Masonic handshake is another hand sign in which the thumb presses the knuckle of the other party. This handshake is said to send a message as to which degree of Freemason the interlocutors correspond.

The devil’s horn is a universal Masonic hand signal that celebrities, politicians and clergy use. Other names for the devil’s horn Masonic hand symbol are the devil’s triad, the twin-horned salute and il cornuto. This symbol is said to represent devil worship by the Freemasons, and figures such as Paul McCartney, George Bush, Dave Navarro and Bill Clinton appear in photographs making this symbol.

The hidden hand is a common Masonic hand sign made in the pictures and paintings of men of the past such as Karl Marx, Napoleon Bonaparte and Stalin. To make this gesture, one hand hides in a jacket or pocket while posing for a photograph or sitting for a portrait. This gesture indicates Masonic membership.