What Are Some Common LG Washer Error Codes?

As of 2015, the LG front loader washer has four error codes, namely, OE, DE, LE and UE. These error codes can be seen on the LG control panel. They relate to how the machine is operated or issues concerning components such as the filter or the hose.

OE is an error that relates to how the washer is draining water. If the drain hose is at the correct height, there is no obstruction in the drain pump filter and the machine is level, then the machine owner should contact LG.

DE means “door error” and appears when the door isn’t opening, closing or locking correctly. This error code can appear because of a machine malfunction and can be remedied by unplugging the machine for approximately five minutes. However, damage done to the door or one of the door’s components means the machine may need to be repaired. The machine’s warranty determines who repairs the machine and how the machine is repaired.

LE indicates a problem with the motor. This error can be related to issues with the installation or misuse of the machine. If caused by installation, resetting the machine can clear the error. If not, the incorrect amount or type of detergent may have been used, or the wash cycle may not match the size of the load.

UE means “unbalance error.” It is the least concerning of the group as it relates to the manner in which the drum is rotating. This is mostly caused an irregularity in the items loaded into the machine.