What Are Some Common Lesco Spreader Settings?

Spreader settings for Lesco products vary according to pound concentrations per square foot, with settings divided according to letters, such as C1, D, E and G, and numbers, such as 9, 14, 15 and 16. These settings apply to standard grade spreaders.

Lawn spreaders are designed to move fertilizer and insecticides evenly across the yard, but not all spreaders are meant to use the same settings because of their concentrations and component variety. Most lawn products have the spreader information readily set on the side of the bag, which helps users determine the proper setting with the spreader to protect the lawn without damaging the growths.

If there is no spreader information on the model or package, begin with a basic application setting at 20 percent open. Different spreader models, such as rotary spreaders, also dictate different spreading methods. A rotary spreader uses a horizontal wheel to throw the seed or granules below, while drop spreaders simple cover the area directly beneath. Both of these options use different settings because of their configurations, and working with a trial and error system at half of the recommended setting allows for more room for error, as the chemicals are not spread at a particularly high initial concentration.