What Are Some Common Lawn Boy Mower Problems?

By Staff WriterLast Updated Apr 14, 2020 11:29:32 PM ET

One common consumer complaint with Lawn Boy mowers is that the mower refuses to start. This can be caused by several common problems, including a dirty air filter, old spark plugs, stale fuel or a drained battery.

Fuel more than 30 days old becomes stale and may prevent a Lawn Boy mower from starting. Fresh fuel is necessary for successful engine functioning. Mower owners should also replace dirty air filters as often as possible as a dirty filter impedes air intake to the engine. For electric start models, users must charge the mower´s battery at the beginning and end of the mowing season. To ensure motor start-up, users should replace old, dirty or worn spark plugs as well as a good spark more easily ignites the fuel in the engine.