What Are Common Jeep Wrangler Starting Problems?

A Jeep Wrangler’s starting issue is usually caused by electrical problems, such as a malfunctioning neutral safety switch or starter. In order to correctly repair a Wrangler with a starting issue, the problem must be diagnosed and component replaced.

The neutral safety switch is located behind the clutch pedal of a vehicle. Its purpose it to act as a safeguard against accidentally starting the vehicle in gear, which it accomplishes by only engaging the starting mechanism when the clutch pedal is pressed. When damaged, the vehicle will fail to start. Its replacement procedure resembles a brake switch replacement. Use the listed instructions to replace the neutral safety switch.

  1. Locate the unit
  2. Replace a neutral safety switch by accessing the unit from behind the clutch pedal.

  3. Remove the switch
  4. Unbolt it from the pedal and disconnect it from the electrical plug.

  5. Inspect the rubber stopper
  6. Check to make sure the rubber stopper on the pedal is still in tact. If not replace the stopper.

  7. Install new switch
  8. Install the new neutral safety switch.

The starter spins the flywheel on a engine just to start it. If the solenoid or motor fails, the starter will not engage.

  1. Locate the starter
  2. In order to replace it, locate the starter on the transmission housing.

  3. Disconnect negative battery cable
  4. Disconnect the battery to avoid accidental shock.

  5. Remove plugs
  6. Disconnect the plugs on the starter.

  7. Replace the unit
  8. Remove the mounting bolts and replace the unit.