What Are Some Common Issues With the Chevy HHR?

Some common issues with the Chevy HHR include clunking noise when going over bumps, slippery automatic transmission, sudden loss of power steering, failure of the electrical system and excessive oil consumption. Other issues include failure of the engine to crank, leaking coolant, loose brakes and heating issues.

Defective shocks and motors, or a faulty strut in the Chevy HHR may cause a clunking noise when driving over speed bumps and on graveled roads. A fault in the engine, lack of routine oil and fluid change, or automatic transmission fluid leakage can cause automatic transmission failure. Worn out pumps, hoses, low brake fluid, or contamination of moisture with the power steering fluid causes the sudden loss of power steering.

A defective fuse box or a dead battery can cause failure of the vehicle’s electrical system. A faulty sensor or electrical component, a leak in the car’s vacuum system, or an obstruction in the car’s fuel system can cause sudden engine stalls. A defect in the valve guide seal, too much clearance between the valves stems and guides or a faulty fuel level sensor can cause excessive oil consumption.

A faulty ignition switch and start circuit may cause failure of the engine to start. Coolant leakage occurs when the Dex-cool coolant reacts with manifold gasket. Low levels of brake fluid or worn out brake pads may cause the brakes to loosen. Additionally, a defective air temperature blend door may cause the heater to blow only cold air into the car.