What Are Some Common Frigidaire Washer Problems?

antonio arcos aka fotonstudio photography/Moment/Getty Images

Common problems with the Frigidaire washer include the formation of mold in the unit, along with the washer’s tendency to damage clothing. Frigidaire washer users also commonly complain about problems with the unit’s motor and the high cost of repair.

Mold ranks high in the list of complaints about the Frigidaire washer, which grows behind the rubber gasket and inside the detergent drawer. Several users report that they pour vinegar into the washer on a regular basis to lessen the foul smell inside. Consumers also complain that the washer shreds delicate clothing and stretches the straps on tanks and lingerie.

Frigidaire washer users additionally report excessive vibrations and noise with their Frigidaire washers. This can cause an inconvenience, especially if the machine is located within a small or shared residence. The vibrations also cause problems if the washer is located on an upper level.

Frigidaire washer reviewers also complain about longer wash cycles and smaller drum capacities, which can significantly slow down the laundry process. For its price point, the Frigidaire washer offers customers a substantially smaller capacity. While most washers in its category provide a wash tub of 4.5 cubic feet, the Frigidaire only provides at 3.5 cubic feet drum.