What Are Common Frigidaire Affinity Dryer Problems?

Common problems with Frigidaire Affinity dryers include overheating, faulty alarms and damaged clothing. A number of users report that their clothes were burned or caught fire.

On the Consumer Affairs website the most common problem reported is overheating, with several users reporting that their clothes were burned or that certain fabrics melted. One reviewer states that after clothes in the dryer caught fire, the fire department determined the cause to be inadequate venting of heat. Another reviewer states that lint falls through holes in a duct and into the heating element, at times igniting and giving off a burning smell.

Several reviewers report experiences with damaged clothing. One user claims that a vent protrudes inside the dryer and that clothes often snag on it. Other users complain of faulty alarms or notifications, with some stating that the dryer reports that the door is open when it’s closed or that it signals that the load is dry when it is not. Others describe problems with faulty doors that don’t close properly or screws that become stripped and stop securing parts like the lint screen or door hinges.

Many reviewers report poor customer support from Frigidaire and inadequate warranty provisions. Several reviewers also complain that problems are expensive to diagnose and repair.