What Are Some Common Cotonou Benin Republic Scams?

Most common scams originating in the Benin Republic, as of 2015, involve sending money over the Internet and include asking for money for travel costs, visas, adoption costs and to pay fees associated with lottery winnings or inheritance. Other common scams include people trying to lure potential partners into sending money overseas.

Victims of Benin Republic scams are often asked to send money in association with visa costs or travel fees. The scammer reports being stranded in a foreign country or being detained by immigration officials. The scammer then asks the victim to send money to resolve the problem.

Some scams involve fake adoptions. Victims are led to believe they are adopting a child from the country and are asked to pay adoption fees to a supposed adoption agency.

One of the most common scams is the lottery or inheritance scam. The victim is contacted by a scammer posing as a lawyer or government official. The scammer asks for an upfront payment to release money “won” in a lottery or “inherited” from a dead relative.

Scammers in Benin often defraud victims under the guise of a romantic relationship. The victim is asked to send money to someone posing as his partner. In reality, the partner is a confidence artist using false pictures.