What Are the Most Common Complaints About Ink Pixi?

The two most common complaints regarding Ink Pixi’s personalized shirts and hats were that the items cost too much and that they were of low quality for the price. Overall, however, response has been positive as of 2015.

In regards to the cost, tee shirts cost $20.99, and caps cost 19.99, while sweatshirts cost between $28.99 and $38.99.

Other complaints from buyers include printer errors (such as printing a design off-center or tilted) and lack of color selection. From time to time, colors did not match up to the pictures shown online and were brighter than expected.

Some customers looking for a more straight-forward or specific shirt complained that there were too many options. Because of this, a common request from users of the site was for more categories or keywords to make it easier to find what they were looking for, instead of scrolling through pages and pages of unrelated material.

The primary problem with the quality of the fabric was its lightweight nature, which occasionally tore or became see-through. In some cases, users complained that tee shirts and other items shrank after being washed.

Some sizing complaints were that the aprons were too small; other buyers mentioned that they were swimming in their tee shirts. The caps are also one-size-fits-all, and several men noted that they run a little small. It is recommended that buyers double-check the sizing chart before completing their purchase.