What Are the Most Common Complaints Filed Against GMC Terrain Vehicles?

The most common complaints that drivers have about GMC Terrains are: engine problems, issues with interior accessories and components, transmission troubles and problems with the windshield and wipers. As with other vehicles, the type and number of problems associated with GMC Terrains varies depending on model year. The Terrain with the most complaints, by year, is the 2010 model, say authors at carcomplaints.com, while the 2011 Terrain also has issues.

Owners of older GMC Terrain SUVs have the most complaints about the engine and transmission systems, say authors at carcomplaints.com. In addition to these complaints, GMC Terrain owners also note repairs associated with the braking system, drivetrain, electrical system and exhaust system. Some people also experience issues with the fuel system and wheels.

Specific complaints, listed by drivers on Edmunds, include sudden car stalling and excessive oil leaking or consumption. Owners report check engine lights illuminating frequently, even after making initial repairs. Some drivers voice concerns about interior parts breaking, necessitating repairs or replacement.

While some owners cite faulty engines, others note Terrains have relatively clunky transmissions and lack the capacity for smooth, quick acceleration, which is problematic for highway driving. GMC Terrains come with a standard 4-cylinder engine, which receives praise from some consumers, while others find the small engine makes the vehicle feel underpowered.