What Are Some Common Complaints About Cindy Crawford Sofas?

Common complaints about Cindy Crawford sofas are poor workmanship, uncomfortable seating and poor-quality materials that do not stand up to wear and tear. Many of these complaints are paired with bad exchange policies at the stores from which they were bought, notes Consumer Affairs.

The sofas are poorly made, as noted by customer reviews on the Raymour & Flanigan website. Some reasons include that the cushions cannot be flipped because they are not finished on both sides and that the material is so tight that, after a week or two of use, they start to fray at the seams. This cannot be helped by moving the cushions because they are tapered in a way that they will only fit a certain way on the sofa.

The complaints about materials state that the frames are not made of wood, but of particle board. Customers also note that some sofa owners have had the furniture break in half on them after just a few weeks of ownership due to this. The wood finishes on the sofa legs are scratched easily, and the finish comes off with very little resistance. The finishes are thin enough that they can come off just with standard cleaning.

Other complaints include that the cushions that are either too hard or too soft and can fall apart very easily. The attached pillows cannot be fluffed and lose volume almost immediately.