What Are the More Common Complaints With Azek Decking?

Common complaints about Azek decking are that it stains easily, fades quickly and sags under the weight of heavy objects such as barbecues. Some negative reviews on Decks.com report that greasy spots on the decking are hard to remove and that power washing damages the deck finish.

An Azek decking review on BestGardenDecorIdeas.com finds that sunscreen, insect repellent, greasy food and wine may stain the decking and that owners should only place large planters or barbecues over joists to avoid sagging. The review also cautions that tarps and awnings may cause water damage. A negative review on Decks.com states that insect repellent stains the deck.

Some class-action lawsuits against Azek Building Products argue that the product has design and manufacturing defects, causing cracking, discoloring, fading, chalking and degrading after installation. The lawsuits were consolidated in a New Jersey court in 2014.