What Are Some Common Adura Flooring Problems?

Some common problems with Mannington Adura luxury flooring are bubbling, swelling, peeling, scratches and puckering. Consumer complaints about Adura are available at ComplaintsBoard.com as of 2016. One person noted that within a couple of months of installation, the edges of Mannington’s laminate flooring began to swell in the corners, though the flooring had not been installed in an area of high humidity and was not subject to water leakage.

Another individual wrote that the steam from a dishwasher that touched the flooring caused it to pucker. One complaint described how a portable space heater caused the flooring’s top layer to lift, and another described Mannington Adura as expensive despite appearing to be old fashioned. The floor did not lay flat, pulled up on the edges and always looked dirty, even after cleaning, according to customer complaints.

A common complaint was that Mannington’s customer service department did little to the resolve flooring issues and did not honor the product warranty. Some customers contacted the Better Business Bureau for help.

Mannington Adura luxury flooring is available in planks or tile and stone formats. It is installed with a method called glueless floating installation and is represented as being durable and easy to maintain. Mannington.com describes Adura as being highly durable while providing the look of real wood or tile.