What Commercial Involved the Phrase “I Can Bring Home the Bacon and Fry It up in a Pan?”

The Enjoli perfume commercial’s jingle contained the iconic line, “I can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan.” Charles of the Ritz launched the ad in 1978.

The Enjoli commercial featuring a modern career woman promoted the fragrance as “the new eight-hour perfume for the 24-hour woman.” It represented a woman’s various roles over the course of a day. “Bring home the bacon” refers to earning a living. “Fry it up in a pan” represents her attention to her domestic responsibilities. The end of the commercial shows the woman in an evening gown as she sings that she never lets “you forget who I am” — a capable, competent, take-charge individual who represented the feminist “superwoman” of the 1970s.