What Comes in a Mini V-8 Engine Kit?

A miniature V-8 engine kit for a running, gas-powered model engine can include all the castings, components fasteners and guides necessary to assemble the engine. Alternatively, miniature engine companies may sell customers only the guides and instructions necessary for the customer to build all of the individual engine components himself. For non-running, display miniature engines, kits may include the parts of the display engine, assembly instructions and tools required for assembly.

The Black Widow V-8 miniature engine is a fully functioning, gas-powered V-8 engine. For $250, customers can purchase a full set of drawings to manufacture the engine themselves. Alternatively, the full engine kit costs $1,200 and includes the engine block, all component castings and a supercharger, as of September 2015.

The company Conley also offers a fully functioning, gas-powered miniature V-8, the Stinger 609. The company sells the core Stinger 609 as a complete unit for $8,257.75. However, customers can order parts and accessories for the engine that they can assemble themselves. These include a supercharger, polished exhausts and a painted valve covers and intake manifolds. Conley offers drawings of how to manufacture another one of its engines, the Demon V8, in paper or electronic form for $75 and $50, respectively.