How Do You Find the Comcast Channel Numbers?

As of April 2015, Comcast channel numbers can be found at the cable provider’s website, A Comcast subscriber needs to enter an address to access the channel numbers for the relevant channel line-up.

Enter the address at the Channel Line-Up link under the Programming drop-down menu on the home page of the website. Once the subscriber enters an address, she is provided with the channel line-up by Xfinity, which is the brand name for Comcast’s cable TV offering. Depending on the package purchased, a subscriber could have anywhere from 22 to 963 channels. The drop-down menu under Programming offers other information about programming on Xfinity, including Pay per View events, on-demand series and movies and TV listings by channel, day and time.

With Xfinity, a subscriber can also watch television programs online. The Xfinity website lists all the television series, sporting events and movies available on Xfinity. To gain access to these lists, an individual must be a subscriber and have created an account. All of the series have the most recent episode available, but the total number of episodes available online varies by television series. For example, “The Voice” has all of the current season’s episodes online, while “Modern Family” has five episodes from the current season. Every series with online viewing also has extra content such as clips, previews and interviews as well as the actual episode.