What Is the Comcast Bill Payment Mailing Address?

Joe Raedle/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The Comcast bill payment mailing address varies depending on the location of an individual’s address. The billing address is listed on the monthly statement sent to each customer. Bills can be paid at any local Comcast customer center.

The local billing address for Comcast can be found on an individual’s customer statement received every month. If the customer does not have the statement available, it is possible to look up the location of a local Comcast service center on Comcast’s website. Bills can be paid at the Comcast service center. Alternatively, one can pay his or her monthly bill online, or contact Comcast directly at 1-800-COMCAST for further assistance.

It is also possible to set up automated monthly payments on Comcast’s website by using the Set Up Automatic Payments button and providing Comcast with one’s bank account information.